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Welcome to the Electronic Instructions for Use (IFU) site of Institut Straumann AG.

To find the applicable IFU for Straumann®  Products please enter the product reference number REF, UDI (EAN/GTIN) and press "SEARCH". 

The location of the REF and UDI (EAN/GTIN) can be found on the product label, an illustrative example can be seen below, of where to locate this information. 

Not every product is required to be provided with an IFU. If the product has no related IFU, the system will show an error message stating “no document found”. If this is the case, please refer to the product label for further information. If you have any product queries, please contact your Straumann Territory Manager. 

Upon request, should you require a phyiscal copy of an IFU,you can contact your local Straumann representative. This will be provided free of charge and within maximum 5 working days.

NOTE: Not all Straumann®  products are available in all markets.


Enter the Key-Code, product reference/catalog number REF or (part of) UDI number and click 'SEARCH'.

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