Mapping Article Number / IFU

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This download service allows you to get a complete mapping of the REF (Article number) and the corresponding IFU (Instruction For Use). After having identified the required IFU, download it into the section below.

IFU REF Title  
ST.330.245 Abutment Try-In  
ST.330.296 Alvim Bone Tap  
ST.330.249 Alvim CM Acqua Implant  
ST.330.209 Alvim CM Implant  
ST.330.029 Alvim Drill  
ST.330.022 Analog  
ST.330.041 Analog Handle  
ST.330.242 Anatomic Abutment  
ST.330.309 Angled Abutment  
ST.330.024 Attachments  
ST.330.264 Bone Grafting and Anchorage Drill  
ST.330.044 Bone Grafting Manual Driver  
ST.330.037 Bone Profile Drill  
ST.330.266 Cases  
ST.330.189 Castable Abutment UCLA and Coping  
ST.330.243 Castable Attachment  
ST.330.121 CM Abutment and WS Abutment  
ST.330.295 CM and CM Exact Impression Coping  
ST.330.252 CM Drive Implant  
ST.330.192 Cobalt-Chromium UCLA Abutment and Coping  
ST.330.298 Compact Surgical Kit Case for Conical Implant International  
ST.330.031 Countersink Drill  
ST.330.107 Cover Screw  
ST.330.132 Depth Probe  
ST.330.120 Direction Indicator  
ST.330.062 Disposable Bone Collector  
ST.330.272 Distal Bar Coping and Distal Bar  
ST.330.128 Drill Extension  
ST.330.223 Drill Positioner  
ST.330.244 Drive Ti Implant  
ST.330.075 Drivers  
ST.330.228 Drivers  
ST.330.274 Facility Abutment Placement Aid  
ST.330.277 Facility Bone Tap and Facility Bone Tap Connection  
ST.330.271 Facility Drill  
ST.330.240 Facility Implant  
ST.330.108 Graft Screw  
ST.330.279 HE Smart Implant  
ST.330.050 Healing Abutment  
ST.330.100 Height Measurer  
ST.330.273 Implant Remover  
ST.330.214 Impression Coping  
ST.330.035 Initial Drill  
ST.330.047 Manual Screwdriver  
ST.330.102 Mini Conical Abutment, CM Micro Conical Abutment and Facility Micro Conical Abutment
ST.330.168 Multiuse Tool and O’ring Insertion/Extractor Tool  
ST.330.265 O’ring Positioner  
ST.330.105 O’Ring with Cylinder for Attachment  
ST.330.270 Oring  
ST.330.220 Philips Connection  
ST.330.038 Pilot Drill  
ST.330.215 Polishing Protector  
ST.330.284 Preface  
ST.330.308 Prepable Abutment  
ST.330.268 Prosthetic Abutments for the One Step Hybrid Technique  
ST.330.219 Prosthetic Screw  
ST.330.057 Protection Cylinder  
ST.330.269 Provisional Coping and Smart Provisional Coping  
ST.330.032 Punch For Bone Grafting and Orthodontic Anchorage  
ST.330.267 Scalpel Handle  
ST.330.263 Scanbody  
Self-Drilling Anchorage Implant  
ST.330.025 Space Planning Instrument  
ST.330.230 Surgical Labial Retractor  
ST.330.256 Titamax CM EX Acqua Implant  
ST.330.210 Titamax CM EX Implant  
ST.330.221 Titamax CM Implant  
ST.330.143 Titamax Ti EX Implant  
ST.330.217 Titamax Ti Implant  
ST.330.141 Titamax WS Implants  
ST.330.142 Titamax WS Medular Implant  
ST.330.281 Titanium Base  
ST.330.299 Titanium Base for CEREC®  
ST.330.125 Titanium Tweezers  
ST.330.190 Titanium UCLA Abutment and Coping  
ST.330.227 Torque Wrench  
ST.330.124 Transepithelial Abutment  
ST.330.039 Trephine Bur  
ST.330.034 Twist Drill  
ST.330.176 Universal Abutment  
ST.330.201 Universal Abutment Coping  
ST.330.280 Universal Abutment Set  
ST.330.222 X-Ray Positioner  
ST.330.150 Zygomatic Drills  
ST.330.153 Zygomatic Implant  
ST.330.246 Zygomatic Labial Protector  
ST.330.224 Zygomatic Probe  
ST.330.089 Alvim Ti Implant  
ST.330.184 Sinus Lift Curette  
ST.330.300 Alvim Neodent Guided Surgey Bone Tap and Alvim Neodent Guided Surgey Bone Tap Driver  
ST.330.304 Neodent Guided Surgery Guide Stabilizer  
ST.330.305 Guide Clamp and Neodent Guided Surgery Drill 1.3  
ST.330.306 Intraoral Scanbody  
ST.330.310 Facility Neodent Guided Surgery Bone Tap  
ST.330.311 Facility Neodent Guided Surgery Surgical Kit Case  
ST.330.312 Start Neodent Guided Surgery Surgical Kit Case  
ST.330.313 Titamax Neodent Guided Surgery Surgical Kit Case  
ST.330.314 Conical Implants Neodent Guided Surgery Surgical Kit Case  
ST.330.315 Neodent Guided Surgery Sleeve  
ST.330.316 Neodent Guided Surgery Drill Guides and Drills  
ST.330.326 Open and Closed Tray Impression Coping